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EMIS has been helping research partners achieve outstanding results for many years, and we’re investing further in working with major research partners to enable better care and improved population health.

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million annual

A & E



million patient
records annually





million items
dispensed annually

Dispensing ~5k
Data ~11k sites



million annual

~60% market share
4,500 practices
38m patients


325,000 HCPs
13m Patients
a month

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million patient
records annually


million registered


13m monthly views
1.3m email opt ins

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Providing the data tools and insights necessary for healthcare systems to provide better, safer care.

EMIS-X Analytics is a cloud-based analytics suite designed to exacting legal, ethical, clinical, technical and security standards. The first product to be launched in the EMIS-X Analytics suite is Explorer, a product which enables you to query data at scale and speed to help you optimise healthcare delivery.​

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Bridging the gap between healthcare, research and life science to deliver best in class data analytics and actionable insights to drive better outcomes for patients.

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Data Lake

Access Guard is a cornerstone of our EMIS-X Analytics platform that provides a secure and auditable environment where users can perform big data analysis, collaborate and deploy clinical pathways.​

Access from Anywhere, Anytime
Access your cloud-hosted data wherever and whenever you need it, making analysis and collaboration simple​

Role-based Access Control
Make your data available via hierarchical permissions and authorisation procedures. Searchable data is enforced through customer-controlled sharing agreements.​


Secure by Design
A secure and compliant environment that is designed with security and privacy in mind, prevents unauthorised access or use of data and adheres to information governance standards.​

Privacy Built-in
A data firewall securely restricts access for each user and each query. Encrypted logic applies redaction, de-identification or anonymisation of data and manages opt-out and consent flags in the patients’ record​

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Working collaboratively with our customers and partners, we’re cocreating research models that improve the future of UK clinical research and support better health outcomes. 

By providing GDPR compliant, secure data analysis with complex queries across any health or social care data set, we’re enabling data scientists and clinicians to query data at scale and speed. 

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EMIS Recruit helps to connect life sciences and healthcare by embedding clinical research recruitment tools directly into point of care systems within the NHS. 

In doing so, we’re providing clinical trial sponsors with direct access to a network of healthcare professionals seeking to participate in research.  

EMIS Recruit also empowers healthcare teams with digital tools to automate and simplify both identification and referral. Through the automation of inefficient manual processes we’re able to reduce the time and cost of conducting research studies, and support improved engagement and retention of healthcare sites and patients.

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EMIS Pathway helps clinicians to identify, diagnose and treat at-risk patients. Deploying algorithms at scale, our solution will surface information directly into the EMIS Web clinical system.

With integrated tools and applications, EMIS Pathway empowers healthcare professionals to better understand where early intervention can improve outcomes, and take proactive steps in the care of their patients.    


Supporting the NHS’s largest ever vaccination programme

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From December 2020, EMIS software was used to record all vaccinations delivered in a non-hospital setting. To date, 66 million vaccinations have been recorded in Outcomes4Health, transferred through interoperability to the National Immunisation Management System (NIMS) and then into GP clinical systems the next day. This enables crucial vaccination status information to be shared with GP records and patients via the NHS App or Patient Access.

For the first seven months of the largest vaccination programme the NHS has delivered, EMIS software was the only accredited solution for recording vaccinations in a non-hospital setting. Continued use of the platform is expected as the UK moves into the next phases of the vaccination programme, with developments planned to support the delivery of both flu and Covid-19 vaccinations.



EMIS collaboration delivering insights
into Long Covid

EMIS worked closely with the OpenSAFELY team to create a secure, trusted research environment within its cloud-based EMIS-X Analytics suite to allow the records of all 4,000 practices to be searched as one. Researchers access the data under the COPI emergency data access legislation.​

Initially researchers were looking for how many patient records contained a recorded code for long Covid. Long COVID is a term to describe new or persistent symptoms at least four weeks after the onset of acute COVID-19. Clinical codes to describe this phenomenon were released in November 2020 in the UK, but the researchers wanted to understand how these had been used in practice.​

        We're hugely grateful to EMIS
        for its  months of hard work to enable us to reach  this landmark position, with researchers  now able to access the health records of  96% of the UK population, under COPI legislation, with all of the privacy and transparency features of OpenSAFELY."

Dr Ben Goldacre
Director of the DataLab at the University of Oxford​

QResearch is a large consolidated database derived from the anonymised health records from general practices in a not-for-profit partnership between the University of 
Nottingham and leading healthcare IT provider EMIS

The practices involved are spread throughout the UK and include data from patients who are currently registered as historical patients, with records extending back to the 1989, it is one of the largest and richest general practice databases in the world.​

The data extracted is de-identified at source and QResearch has continued ethical approval from the East Midlands - Derby Research Ethics Committee.​

The database is only open to academic researchers with ethical committee approval and the researchers are provided with the anonymised patient level data that is required to answer their research question - not the whole dataset. QResearch has been used in a number of studies which have helped to save lives and improve patient outcomes.​

       We're very grateful for the
       continuing support of the EMIS GP practices that contribute their high quality data to QResearch. Without them, our research would not be possible.​"

Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox –from the University’s division of primary care and director of medical software company ClinRisk Ltd​​


EMIS Bringing Industry and healthcare together​

We’re bridging the gap between research,  industry and the NHS, with a technology that delivers patient cohort identification in a fraction of the time of traditional models.​

Our patient recall protocols, trial cohort  definitions and new algorithms are enabling healthcare reams to deliver  actionable insights to help optimise care  delivery.​

EMIS is working with researchers to provide positive, ethical solutions to the challenges they face in line with the five key themes announced by the Government. We're developing technology that makes it easier for patients and clinicians to participate in and derive value from research.​

Our focus is on creating positive change in healthcare and we believe this can best be achieved by working together and co-creating a research approach that meets the needs of an ever-changing healthcare landscape.​

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